Canvas bag

 Canvas is plain – woven fabric made from cotton yarn of the cotton plant, line or  from hemp. At present, hemp yarn is no longer popular use after the developed progress of world in order to create a durable and secure fabric over time.

Quite different from other types of fabric, canvas still keeps the common weaving (plain weave) by knitting to the horizontal lines with big or tight closeness according to demand of buyers and target usage. Disadvantage of canvas is hard and rough surface while its advantages are so interesting such as more durable, more secure, easier to print patterns, non loosed color even after long time used.

 Material of the canvas can be easily varied many vintage colors or classic idea like cream white, wooden or neutral color. With huge potential of the quality, canvas is selected for house made such as bags, curtains, labor protection gloves, tents, sails, shoes or paintings.

 One of the most essential requirements the world is joining hands to bring better living life cleaner, smarter and more beautiful is changing plastic nylon bag into eco-friendly and reusable bag. Canvas bag is a recycled item made from natural fibers, natural source of material; therefore it’s not injurious to health, environment. With simple style, light weight, durable colors, breaking message and economic option in price, canvas cannot be missing to build positive image about any enterprise. Let’s change your habit by using friendly canvas bags with us. Come into contact with our great service to transfer your personal ideas to everyone.



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